the Brecon Beacons  (Life) posté le mardi 16 juillet 2013 08:54

A source said: “It was particularly hot and they were doing an exercise that would require a lot of physical exertion.

“A typical exercise in the Brecon Beacons would involve long distances in full camouflage. Carrying heavy weights, weapons and radio packs would also be par for the course.”

Some exercises take place over three days, with soldiers covering distances of up to 40 miles a day on foot including stretches up steep rock faces.

The source added: “One problem is that young soldiers never want to say no. If a sergeant-major wants to stretch a young soldier to the end of his capability, he would find it difficult to complain.

"At the same time, a trained section commander should be able to spot signs of heat exhaustion. As soon as one keels over or starts going red in the face, he needs immediate treatment.”

SAS recruits from all three services serve with 22 SAS Regiment but reservists go to 21SAS (R) or 23SAS (R).

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “We are working with police to investigate an incident on the Brecon Beacons in which two members of military personnel died. Next of kin have been informed.”

Dyfed-Powys police confirmed they were helping with investigations.

Local mountaineer John Preston, 42, said: “It is sweltering but the military should be able to cope with it.

"People are speculating that it was no ordinary training session. Let’s face it, Brecon in a heatwave is cooler than Afghanistan or Iraq.”

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Rospiggarnas revansch  (BABY LIFE) posté le vendredi 12 juillet 2013 10:26

PEEDWAY. Rospiggarna tog revansch f?r f?rlusten hemma mot Masarna – utan skadade Andreas Jonsson.

– Vi har vaknat till och vi vet att vi har ett bra lag, s?ger lagledaren Mikael Teurnberg efter 47–43-segern i Avesta.

N?r lagen m?ttes i Hallstavik i slutet p? maj vann Masarna med 45–44 efter att dalalagets Antonio Lindb?ck avgjort i sista heatet. Den h?r g?ngen fick Lindb?ck chansen att upprepa bedriften.

Rospiggarna ledde med 44–40 och beh?vde ”bara” tv? po?ng f?r att s?kra segern och bonuspo?ngen – n?got duon Mads Korneliussen och Kauko Nieminen lyckades med. Lindb?ck slutade sist medan hans lagkompis Daniel Jeleniewski, vann till igen nytta.
– Masarna hade r?tt att v?lja sp?r i sista heatet och d? valde de sp?r tv? och fyra. Att f? Mads l?ngst in som ?r en bra starter var helt klart till v?r f?rdel, s?ger Mikael Teurnberg som knappast ?ngrade Masarnas val.

I Rospiggarna stod s?songsdebuterande Korneliussen (efter skada) och Nieminen f?r fina insatser.
– Mads ?kte riktigt bra och hade inga plumpar alls. Han var tongivande och trygg och har den d?r rutinen som vi har saknat n?r inte Andreas (Jonsson) har varit med. Och Kauko har jag inte sett k?ra s? h?r bra p? j?ttel?nge, han har verkligen f?tt en nyt?ndning de h?r senaste tv? matcherna, s?ger Teurnberg.

Segern, som var den andra raka f?r Rospiggarna, betyder att man med tre matcher kvar att k?ra i allsvenskan har kopplat ett grepp om en slutspelsplats som ett tag var i fara.
– Nu blir det en veckas uppeh?ll f?r lag-VM, forts?tter Teurnberg som kan ha sin skulderbladsskadade ”stj?rna” Andreas Jonsson tillbaka om inte till n?sta match hemma mot Griparna (25/7) s? troligen i matchen efter borta mot Lejonen veckan senare.
– Det ?r det som vi hoppas p?, s?ger Teurnberg som inte kommer att v?rva in n?gon ers?ttare f?r Jonsson till dess att han blir k?rklar.

V?rt att notera i Rospiggarna var ?ven att reserverna Joel Andersson och comebackande veteranen Emil Lindqvist stod f?r stabila insatser.

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Large tax credits and other incentives  (Life) posté le mardi 30 avril 2013 09:41

ATLANTA — A few years ago, Georgia was locked in a bidding war with North Carolina over the Disney movie, "The Last Song," starring Miley Cyrus.

Both states wanted the movie to film in their state, and North Carolina was close to sealing the deal with an attractive tax incentive package. But Georgia snapped up the production, largely because it had recently expanded its own tax credit for films gift & premium.

The state hasn't looked back since. Not only are TV shows like "The Walking Dead" and films like "The Hunger Games" sequel filmed in Georgia, but tens of millions of dollars are being invested to build up critical infrastructure. No fewer than five major studio developments or expansions have been announced in recent months.

"It really is about the whole package," said Lee Thomas, director of the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office. "They can do everything here now."

Last fiscal year, productions filmed in Georgia generated an estimated $3.1 billion in economic activity, a 29 percent increase from the year before, according to state estimates. And Thomas said that will only increase with the studio projects in the works that will add large soundstages and back lots to lure big productions, such as "Iron Man 3," which Georgia wasn't able to accommodate.

Of the studio projects in the works, one being planned in Fayette County, a short drive south of Atlanta, could be a game changer. British film studio Pinewood Shepperton PLC, home to the James Bond franchise, has reportedly been in talks with a group of investors to manage and operate the facility.

The project, once finalized, would underscore how much Georgia has become a film destination and be another sign that California continues to struggle with runaway production.

A survey last year found that California lost $3 billion in wages from 2004 to 2011 because of film and TV production moving to other states and countries, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. Half the wages went to states such as Georgia, North Carolina and Louisiana that offer tax incentives and rebates to the industry hong kong gifts and premium.

Georgia has come a long way since the 1939 Civil War epic "Gone With The Wind," arguably the most famous movie about the state, was filmed in California. Three decades later, the 1971 Burt Reynolds movie "Deliverance" helped put Georgia on the map as a shooting location.

Now, Atlanta truly has the feel of Hollywood South.

Georgia provides a 20 percent tax credit for companies that spend $500,000 or more on production and post-production in the state, either in a single production or on multiple projects. Georgia also grants an additional 10 percent tax credit if the finished project includes a state promotional logo.

"The industry follows the dollar," Forshee said. "They are going to go where they can do the best product for the cheapest cost. This tax credit has made Georgia a viable and lucrative place to make films."

The economic benefits have been debated in Georgia, although the state has remained committed to the film incentives. Meanwhile, lawmakers in North Carolina are debating a plan that would place certain limitations on the state's program, with supporters of the effort saying there's no evidence the $30 million in tax breaks in 2011 matches the job growth cited by the industry. In comparison, Georgia handed out $140.6 million in tax credits in 2010.

There are a number of ripple effects. The films bring jobs, and the state already has an estimated 5,000 union and non-union professionals associated with the film industry along with more than 1,000 production suppliers and support companies gift and premium fair.

This week, Atlanta-based Jacoby Development announced plans to build an estimated $1 billion multiuse project north of downtown Atlanta that will include 12 soundstages as well as production offices and an arts and media school.

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Knock on the door  (Life) posté le mercredi 20 février 2013 10:14

Many times, people are lonely, even though he stood high, others envy the beauty and talent. But that alone climb tired and hard, or even suffer grievance, and slowly all the pain in the middle of the night, repair is difficult to heal the wounds of the helpless, it is difficult for outsiders to know solar cell is the new clean energy.

" People will die, his words are good " this is the ancient people of life coming to an end a feeling, both in this world, he is a great man, or ordinary people, all creatures are equal in the face of death.

The vanity of the world in a hurry, everyone in the pursuit of their own the one and only success. Some people regard the life, comfortable is his goal, some people value and realize their own value, can be recognized by most people is his ideal, and some people, eager to simple, simple happiness, simple simple.

Don't be afraid to be on the road by, indicating some use value, should seize the opportunity to exercise ability, sharpen the mind. If love is a pen " economy ", so, if each person's heart has a debt? Figure out who is more important, who is sincere, or who is false.

There are many different types of friends, some can share the blessing, but not together; there can be trouble, but cannot share the blessing. The former is the sail with the wind "wise men ", the latter is small-minded fools " ". However, the world is there such a person, when you are in a high, he will remind you that you must be cautious attitude, protection when you fall on evil days he would fling caution to the winds to you, give a helping hand. Not the parents, can give you the warmth of home. Not lovers, but can rely on to give you eternal. He only in the side, silent concern you, love you, protect you. Pain your pain, your happy happy, happy with your happiness - this is the friend.

If say, everyone's lives are the immortal words, then, innumerable twists and turns, came into the world, the superior God is broken into Liaban, in the world of mortals each other trying to find each other, only to do each other only, and come to an end, they were back to heaven the gods do Solar Wafer is the scientists.

Why God put me so low? It is in order to catch falling you. That first you pain and the pain of grief to touching. No matter where you are, no matter where, a short speech is the heart has been formed.

Once the most difficult, because " you come! I protect you " seven characters of the message, he summoned the courage to dragging suitcases all continue to travel, the moment he decided that: you are my forever friend.

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A hug  posté le samedi 02 février 2013 04:48

What if the car speed faster, I could really fall in there. There are many unexpected, I don't know if I will happen at any time, who know the how ah! Is there a moment I want to be? I don't know about you, but I'm reluctant to you, garbes alike do not want to leave you, even you are playing me, occasionally make fun of me, including you say me, say I thank you for your time, I'm not angry, just feel very vexed really, I want to stay with you, I don't want to mess with you, gdod glike do not want to let you hate me, I never want to let you love me, I just love with you in the days, you are everything becomes very beautiful!

People often say that a lot of love of life, is not rectifiable case; a lot of things, can only have one; a lot of things, julike felike perhaps only experienced, pain before, only know the inner feelings, to understand that he is in love ... ...

Because of you, I seriously, worked hard, hard ... ...

If not careful, don't speak so much for you, if not really love, I think I won't be so sad ... ...

Sometimes think, we is it right? Two people in the world, but love is love! Never to do! But I didn't know what to say to you ... ...

If the time has, I think I will love you in contrary to expectation, from the beginning of the sense of love, and then love your humor, love your simple and sincere, love you to insist and unremitting efforts! I locked the door open because of you, for a long time I have not tried to love others, I always live in their own fixed circle, you break the emergence of my boring life, ilike xlike now want to think of, I still feel very happy!

Remember you said you like a thick book, unfortunately, I think I have the chance to go through ... ...

But I never regret to love you!

I fear this affection to go quickly, so the beginning dare not accept, when they began to slowly accept, slowly habits, they found what they seem to be lost! Life played a joke on me! I can do nothing, can do perhaps only the strong accept! Because I want is really a feeling of their own! Think about feel ridiculous! Perhaps some of the answers don't know the meaning!

Because I can't say ' I love you, really love '! When I asked why you suddenly ignore me, you said you wanted to handle the thing before, you say you don't want to hurt anyone! And then I don't know how you mind said to me, I can not afford ... ... All that I can't say! Just because I don't want to completely lose ... ... Don't want to lose ... ...

Life goes on, and I still have the mood to treat you! But maybe you won't know! Never know! Maybe you know, cilike lofea know that I love you! I think time will be -

Forget those, however, sometimes some things, the more you want to forget, the more want to forget it, just run counter to one's desire ... ... Emerge out of your mind! I do not know from the start when you live in my heart ... ...

Always feel like a person is very difficult, because of various reasons! Be realistic and do not feel comfortable, too cautious, hfe and the fear of others feel seriously! People sometimes confused, real life sometimes let you away!

I knew I had to calm face you! Love you still feel, but will not let you find! I don't know why I still miss, maybe I just miss the time you feel! The memory of those they think is the feeling of happiness! Maybe I miss you left ... ... There is your shadow!

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